Treadmill Reviews

Epic 800 MX Treadmill- Buy if Looks Matter!

The Epic 800 MX Treadmill retails for about $18000 ($1799). However, you can look around to find a great discounted price too. Its features are as follows:

Motor: The motor in this treadmill is a continuous duty motor. The maximum which it can churn out is 2.75, which is nothing great about such an expensive model. For the sake of serious runners, it would have been better to throw in a 3.0 HP motor.

You can get speeds up to 12 mph with this motor. The best part it is that it does not make too much noise and vibration towards the top of this speed.

Frame: The frame of this machine is a single-weld steel frame. Along with the rollers, running belt and the accompanying electronics, the combined weight of the treadmill is around 270 lbs. The frame is sturdy enough to support another 350 lbs of weight. It can be folded easily and stored away. However, 270 lbs would not be too light a weight to be moved around.

Running Deck: The running belt gives ample space to move your legs around. It measures 60"X 20". With the help of one touch technology you can incline the running deck up to 12 per cent. This feature allow you to engage in your work out uninterruptedly.

Rollers: In order to minimize the impact upon your legs, ankles and knees the Epic 800 MX has been provided with big 2.5" rollers. This minimizes the wear and tear suffered by the belt and also adds to its stability.

Control panel and Display: Just like the Epic 600, the Epic 800 MX too comes with a backlit ClearView matrix display. The information which is provided is pretty much what you would like to know during the course of your workout- speed, distance, time, calories, pulse rate, and so on. However, all this is elementary information and one certainly feels that there could have been more in this high priced model.

Additional Features: The Epic 800 MX also comes with a heart rate monitor. There are 12 pre-set workout programs which, when coupled with 12 more user-defined programs, give joggers a variety of workout regimes. Further, in order to cool down temperatures during the course of a long run, fans have been provided in the machine.

Warranty: Warranties in Epic treadmills is nothing to boast of. However, quite unlike the Epic 600, the 800 MX comes with a 15 year warranty on the motor. You get a 2 year warranty on the parts. The labor comes with 1 year warranty.

Conclusion: The Epic 800 MX at $ 1799 is not the best deal available. There are far better options available from Bowflex and Sole. However, if you can find it at a discounted price (anywhere below $ 1000) you can think of buying this model.