Treadmill Reviews

Enjoy Noise Free Workout with Trimline 7150 Treadmill

If you want to opt for a treadmill that can be folded up then the reviews would tell you that this type of treadmills make a lot of noise. This point is true for most of the folding treadmills, but not for Trimline 7150 treadmill.

The treadmill is equipped with the new innovative Softdrop technique that helps reduce the noise and increase the hold with ultra stable fit. Even the inclination and lowering of the belt while workouts is very comfortable as compared to the other folding treadmills.

The machine is equipped with some of the very best features. It comes with a 2.3 hp continuous duty motor. The speed of the run ranges from 0.5mph to 11mph. The belt inclination can go up to 12 percent thus giving you the feeling of running on a cliff. The machine is also available without the folding option.

It is equipped with a wireless pulse and a heart rate monitor that enables you to see your Cardio-capability. The running space is of about 50x137cm and can carry up to 140 kg of weight.

Besides these, there are many workout programs that can track your work schedule and analyze your performance. It's a perfect treadmill for you and your family. The heavy and engineered construction of the machine makes it capable of handling extreme usage. So, hop on the treadmill and work your way to that perfect body.