Treadmill Reviews

BodySolid Endurance 5k Treadmill boasts Decent Performance and Solid Warranty

The Endurance 5K treadmill offers the best warranty in the business - lifetime on all parts, in spite of being sold at a cheap cost of around $1,000. The 5K is a decent low-budget treadmill for walkers.

The motor, a 2.2 HP Continuous Duty, is strong enough considering that this treadmill is recommended only for walking. If you intend to jog, you can count this one out and look for other models. The 5K offers speeds up to 10 mph and inclines up to 12%, allowing for enough intensity in workouts.

The deck is solid, with a maximum user weight capacity of 275 lb. But one of the reasons why this treadmill is not recommended for jogging is that the treadmill is small at 18" x 50". It comes with decent shock absorption though, which reduces impact on the knees and ankles and protects them. Nothing is going to break if you are going to jog lightly; the only concern is that tall users won't find it easy to jog.

There are a total of 6 built-in workout programs that include 2 manual, 1 fat burn, 1 cardio, 1 interval and 1 endurance program, providing ample variety. Workouts are safe with a magnetic safety key that can be attached and detached easily for quick stops.

The console consists of 4 easy-to-read LED windows that display calories spent, time spent, distance covered, speed and incline in real time. That's pretty much all you need. The controls are easy and you can have smooth and accurate transitions in the incline by a simple touch of the finger.

The incline is powered with a strong 400 lb thrust motor and simulates uphill walking to give you intense workouts.

The downside is that the treadmill does not pack in features nor is it made of impressive high quality materials for a treadmill costing a thousand bucks. But since the warranty is impressive and you will get any damaged part replaced for free and for a lifetime, it can be a very good buy in the low-end segment.

All in all, the Body-Solid Endurance 5K treadmill is a wise buy if you are not a jogger, not very tall, and want peace of mind with near-zero running costs.


* Cost: $ 1,099
* Motor: 2.2 HP Continuous Duty
* Speed: 0.5 - 10 mph
* Incline: 0 - 12 %
* Treadbelt: 18" x 50"
* User weight: 275 lb
* Folding: No
* Built-in programs: 6
* Heart rate: No
* iFIT compatibility: No
* Warranty: Lifetime on all parts, 1 year on labor