Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Treadmills

There are some names that are popular and will always provide you with a sense of excitement and anticipation. In the world of music, Bryan Adams or Eminem are examples two singers that generate a lot of excitement. You are sure that these two singers will deliver when they get onto the stage.

In the world of exercise and fitness equipment, there is a plethora of brands that are available. Weslo is one such name that you are sure will provide you with an image of quality, reliability and dependability. The name simply stands out. Weslo as a brand is brought to you by the company Icon Health & Fitness a company that provides you with numerous other brands such as NordicTrack and Healthrider.

If we look at various manufacturers and brands, then Weslo treadmills are one of the most inexpensive of brands.  On of the main attractions of this brand is the price. In spite of being one of the brands that are priced low, the treadmills perform well. If you compare the brand with other brands that are available at the price range, then the brand has a lot more to offer in terms of features and quality.

Of course, there is no point in comparing this brand with high end or highly priced treadmills. However, within the given price range, these treadmills have a lot to offer. They are available within the $200 to $1300 price range. These treadmills are a very good option for budget conscious users.

If you have just set out to start using exercise equipment, there is no point in buying an expensive high-end model of treadmill. Start of with a model such as Weslo and get used to treadmills. It is a model that is meant for beginners. Once you have become used to treadmills and you wish to purchase a model with advanced features, and then go for one.