Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Treadmill Equipment

Weslo treadmills have a name in the fitness industry based on the  quality of the components and the very competitive prices of the treadmills.

The company  has been continuously bringing out models that have all the latest features and gizmos. Weslo treadmills and other exercise equipment have really revolutionized the way people exercise. It has made exercise cheap, easy, convenient as well as exciting.

There are a number of different features that Weslo packs into its treadmills. One of the features useful for people with mild cardiovascular problems or for people, who have set a targeted heart rate, is the heart rate monitor.

Weslo has tried to incorporate this feature in a lot of mid range treadmills also so that the user can get an accurate knowledge of their workout.

The second Weslo treadmill feature is the incline facility. This facility has been added so that you get the experience running uphill even within the confines of your house. This makes your workout more challenging and intensive.

Weslo treadmills had introduced the feature of LCD displays so that displays of speed, time, distance and calories burned can be easily read.

When you buy a Weslo treadmill, you also get an accessory kit, which contains manuals and other guides for helping you in assembling your treadmill and also repairing your treadmill if any damage occurs.

In some Weslo treadmills, you also get the facility of a mobile holder so that you can attend to your urgent telephone calls when you are exercising. In addition, you get a water bottle holder and a bookshelf to make your workout more comfortable.

With the advances in science and technology exciting features are being increasingly introduced in the new treadmill models. Of course, there is a price that you will have to pay for these new features.