Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Cadence XT Treadmills

Weslo is a name in the fitness industry that has acquired considerable fame because of its reputation of delivering quality at very competitive prices.

The Weslo Cadence XT treadmill is an example of a competitively priced yet good treadmill, manufactured by this fitness giant.

The features of the Weslo Cadence XT treadmill are very impressive.

It has a powerful 2 hp motor capable of continuous duty and suitable for extended workout sessions by beginners and advanced users.

The Weslo Cadence XT treadmills are available within the price range of $399 to $499, which in fact is a very affordable price bracket. The higher prices are for more gadgets and gizmos, but the underlying technologies and quality is the same

The overall dimensions of the tread belt are 45” x 16”.  Although the dimensions are not fantastic, they are not too bad either.

This particular range has a comfortable cushioning system beneath the tread belt that helps to absorb stress that a user experiences when running on the tread. Repetitive stress may cause injuries and a cushioning system helps to prevent strain on the joints and ligaments of the feet, ankles and knees.

There are variable incline positions ranging from 7 to 9% that help to make your workout more challenging and intensive. This treadmill has a maximum speed of 8 mph.

In spite of such outstanding features, the treadmill did not perform as well as it was expected to.

The motor was powerful and durable, but it was very noisy. The warranty at just 90 days for the treadmill and 45 days on labor costs did not inspire a lot of confidence. Many people thought twice before buying the treadmill because of the poor warranty.

As a result of these two flaws, the treadmill didn’t do too well in the market and it was withdrawn.