Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Cadence Treadmills

This treadmill comes from the house of Icon health and fitness Inc, who are the leaders in retail fitness equipment. In fact, Icon health and fitness Inc is the largest fitness equipment manufacturers of the world with employee strength of 8000 and a sales turnover of approximately $1 billion.

Weslo Cadence treadmills are the entry-level treadmills of Icon. The treadmills are very competitively priced, yet the features that icon is providing in these treadmills will leave you amazed. Some of the features are not available in treadmills that are more expensive.

At Icon, engineers and designers work day and night to improve upon existing design and technology and to introduce new models that are much more advanced than the predecessors are. The attractive warranties reflect the confidence that the company has in its product. Weslo treadmill models are available in manual and motorized categories.

Let us now discuss upon some advantages as well as disadvantages of the Weslo Cadence treadmills.


Weslo treadmills are definitely the cheapest treadmills available in the market in both, the motorized as well the manual categories.

The company has not compromised on quality in any way, in spite of the competitive prices. The company has gained considerably in terms of prestige. It would not want to do anything to spoil its reputation.

Weslo treadmills, provide features such as an LCD display, bottle holders, incline features and variable speed at such a low price.

All the models are easily available in leading stores such as Walmart and Sears. In case of repairs, the parts are easily available and the service is good.

The treadmills are based on the patented space saver technology and can be folded and stored very easily.


Most of the models that are offered and available are meant for the beginners and not forĀ  professionals or advanced users.

Most of the adjustments in terms of speed and incline are manual. This disturbs your workouts.

The company should take a look at the low warranties. The warranty period of the entire machine can be increased.

In spite of the disadvantages, Weslo treadmills are a good choice and are recommended.