Treadmill Reviews

Vitamaster Treadmill

Although the Vitamaster treadmill is not manufactured anymore and if you wish to purchase one, you have no other option except to buy a  used or a second hand machine.

The internet will provide you a number of leads on second hand treadmills. There are websites that offer used treadmills at a very low price. There are some gyms that usually sell their old machines. It is a good idea to check out a gym near your house. You can also scan the classified ads for second hand treadmill machines.

There are some things that you must consider seriously before you buy a Vitamaster treadmill.

This model is no longer manufactured. In case something goes wrong with your treadmill, you might find it difficult to get the treadmill repaired. Spare parts are not very easy to come by and replacements might be a problem.

Of course, if you get a Vitamaster with a reliable warranty, then that is a good option.

The belt and the deck of this model are not very reliable. These two parts are likely to malfunction over a period of time. The speed of the treadmill also decreases and becomes unstable because of friction.

There is one option that you can consider. There are a number of companies that completely disassemble and overhaul treadmills. This is called refurbishing the treadmill. The frames are sandblasted and repainted. The defective parts are replaced. You get a Vitamaster treadmill with new parts. Such a treadmill is almost as good as new.

You also get a limited warranty on refurbished treadmills.

However, if you are going in for a refurbished Vitamaster, then make sure that the motor has been replaced.

Needless to say, you should check out the price of the refurbished Vitamaster with the prices of new models of other brands. If the difference is not very high, then you might as well buy a new machine of any other model.