Treadmill Reviews

Vision treadmills

Vision treadmills are brought to you by Vision fitness Inc, one of the most reputed manufacturers of treadmills and other exercise equipment in the US. It is a treadmill brand that has been consistently chosen by critics for reliability, performance and comfort.

If you consult a treadmill doctor or any treadmill expert, they will definitely name Vision as one of the brands that you can rely upon. Vision treadmills have features that are very simple to use and provide a lot of functionality. These treadmills have an elegant design and are reliable.

The manufacturer of vision treadmills realized that home exercise equipment should follow certain standards. Then they went about designing and manufacturing their range of treadmills to make sure that the standards were met.

There are many models of Vision treadmills and these models meet customer aspirations in terms of quality and budgets. Let us explore two of the best rated of models in the Vision stable.

T9200 Vision treadmill
The T9200 Series has been designed and engineered for delivering the performance and the feel that you would expect from the most expensive of treadmills. Imagine the sheer comfort of running on a belt measuring 20" x 54".

The elastomer cushioning system absorbs any jolts and ensures that you do not strain the muscles and joints of your ankles, knees or hips. The powerful 2.5 hp power can take a lot of weight and ensures continuous heavy-duty performance.

The T9200 treadmill is one of the easiest to use. It has a very ergonomic display that is easy to read when you are working out.

T1450 Vision treadmill
In case, you have a space constraint, then this is just the treadmill you should be buying. It can be folded and easily stored away in an area of just 20” x 54”. It is powered at 2 HP that runs smoothly and is a good choice for home workouts.

It has a backlit LCD monitor that features readings such as heart rate, speed and calories burned in an easy to readout manner. It also features six workout programs.

Vision treadmills have won a number of awards and accolades. The manufacturers are committed to provide user-friendly features in their treadmills.