Treadmill Reviews

Vision Fitness Treadmills

This line of treadmill has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. The reason behind is that it caters to all the needs and manufactures models that fits the requirements of a broad range of users.

The company has a treadmill for everyone. Beginners, light joggers, advanced users or athletes, all have a suitable option from the wide range available. These treadmills are comfortable and one of the most reliable brand in the treadmill industry.

Let us take a look at the specific features of this brand

Instead of silicone, wax is used on the deck. This ensures that the deck lasts longer.

The deck of this brand of treadmills has a cushioning system that ensures that any injury to your ankles, feet and knees due to repetitive stress, does not occur.

The construction of the frame of the treadmill is very rigid. It is very stable and free of vibrations.

The company sells treadmills for all types of users.

The T9200 models are for beginners and the elderly who want to perform light walking exercise.

The  T9500 to T9600 models are for the users with a little more experience. These models have  pre-programmed workouts and are suitable for jogging.

For advanced users who want to use a treadmill to its limits, the T9700 to T9800 models recommended. These machines are great for intensive cardiovascular workouts and can be used intensively at gyms.

The designers and engineers of Vision Fitness treadmills have noticed that many people stop their exercises prematurely because of monotony.

To deal with this situation they have introduced Smart-Matrix™ LED consoles in their treadmills for adding some speed and elevation to your workouts. The console gives you a proper update of the pulse, speed, time, distance and calories burned in your exercise session.

Vision Fitness treadmills are based on a folding design. They can be folded and put away when not in use.