Treadmill Reviews

Trotter Treadmill: Power and Performance

Trotter treadmills are mid segment treadmills that have excellent performance. You can rely on your Trotter treadmill not only for performance but also for durability. It is a powerful machine that has many attractive features.

Many people complain that these machines are priced too high. That is true as some of the models are priced at more than $3000. However, the performance they provide is worth the money. There are many models available in this brand. These can be used at health centers as well as for personal use.

To know more about the features of the machines from this company let us discuss the top three top rated models.

Trotter 410T:

The treadmill is priced at $2500. It comes with a powerful motor of 2.0 hp that provides you a comfortable and uninterrupted workout. It has a smooth treadbelt with dimensions of  54’X20’. The cushioning system uses the best technology for absorbing shock. It has 15 inbuilt workout programs through which make your workouts more varied and intensive.

Trotter 700T treadmill:

This treadmill has a more powerful motor of 2.5 hp. The speed can be increased up to 10 mph. The surface area of the treadmill belt is 65’X20’ and it has a capacity of up to 350 lbs. The electronic features and the gadgets in the treadmill  are mind blowing. The price of this treadmill is approximately $2750. The American College of Sports Medicine has recommended it as one of the best treadmills for home.

Trotter 900T:

The treadmill has a very powerful motor of 3.0 hp. The treadmill has the features to provide you with a quality workout. The belt dimensions are of 65’X20’ and this is a commercial grade home treadmill. The ratings of this treadmill are as follows - Comfort- 4.5/5, Quality-4.5/5, durability- 4/5, space requirements- 3.5/5.

It is one of the best machines that are offered by the company and is priced at $3500.