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All About Trimline Treadmills

Trimline Treadmills are the pioneers in their field and class. These treadmills boast of superior performance in motors. They have been in the big league for quite sometime now and have are a leader in sports equipment and fitness wear.

The company’s excellent service record and customer care services have made it one of the preferred brands of treadmills. However, it is in the area of motor production and quality, where Trimline treadmills have simply excelled.

The motors are industrial strength and are of the type that is commonly used in commercial treadmills. These motors make the Trimline range relatively high priced and are beyond the budget of the average treadmill customer.

The Trimline Treadmills boast of motors that are a class apart and assure you of durability and higher performance. These motors have a very low level of noise and vibration.

Besides, the motors in the Trimline treadmills are covered by a special warranty period of 30 years. Such a warranty period inspires confidence in the quality of the motor.

The models T360, T380LC, and T370HR have an extended warranty of 2 years. The warranties are perhaps some of the best in the industry and are definitely worth their assurances.

The decks are designed to minimize stress and wear and tear that comes from constant usage. It is not just the design that is sophisticated. The construction quality and the materials fully complement the design.

If it is quality and performance that you are looking for, then Trimline treadmills are definitely meant for you.  The products are highly recommended, as they are a great value for money.