Treadmill Reviews

Trimline Treadmill

If you are talking of Trimline treadmill, you know you are talking of quality fitness products. Trimline has become a benchmark when it comes to the question of quality. You can put any doubts aside when it comes to this brand.

Which company gives you a warranty of 10 to 30 years on its products and honors the warranty?

Well, it has to be Trimline Treadmills.

Most of the companies would have gone bankrupt sticking to a warranty like that. The treadmills manufactured by this company have a motor that is capable of standing the best of time. The motors at a rating of 3 hp, is virtually noiseless and free of vibration

Now you have a treadmill that has not only an excellent motor, but is also free of noise. The company is confident of the motor’s quality and that is why it can afford to provide a warranty for a period of 30 years.

The treadmill has a wide tread belt to give you more room and space for running. It has excellent quality 2.5” balance rollers that will help you to exercise better.

The frame is made of heavy gauge steel and thus provides you with more stability and control. Most of the treadmill brands work you out, instead of you working out on them! With the added weight of the frame, you can be assured of total control of your machine.

A sophisticated console and LED lights, provides you accurate information on your workouts with readouts on speed, pulse-rate and calories burned. The treadmill has excellent features combined with the latest technology and durable construction. This treadmill definitely has an edge over any of the other brands of treadmills.

If you are looking for a treadmill, your search has come to an end. This product is here to stay.