Treadmill Reviews

Trimline 2200 Treadmill Too Expensive for its Features

The Trimline 2200 treadmill is an extremely sophisticated treadmill suitable for fitness enthusiasts and power users.

The treadmill has been given an average rating of 4 out of 5 by the users. However, its major drawback lies in its motor. The motor is weak and not able to provide enough power to the machine.

Nevertheless, the treadmill provides a great workout and is very easy on the body with a high incidence of shock absorption. Its computer is also not that difficult to handle and can be easily operated by all.

It is a very beautiful piece of equipment in terms of design and styling but then its demerit is that it compromises on the more vital aspects that a treadmill must have such as the motor, the running boards and the belt. Moreover, it cannot handle rough-handling and is best suited for leisure walking. The 2.0 hp motor is just a too small to meet its demand and the 55-inch cushioning at the lower bottom isn’t good enough in terms of shock absorption.

The machine includes CardioGrip heart rate sensors that help monitor your pulse rate and pulmonary rate. It comes with a one-year warranty and a one-year parts' warranty that make up for all the loss in terms of the detrimental quality of the parts.

Thus, the Trimline 2200 treadmill is a great piece of fitness equipment which is very high on the pocket, thus making it a bad buy. If there could be a decrease in its price, it would definitely be a better pick. So, if you’re planning to shell out $1,400 on this one then better rethink.