Treadmill Reviews

Take A Look At Weslo Cadence Treadmills

The Weslo Cadence range of treadmills is manufactured by Icon Health& Fitness Inc,  one of the leading manufacturers of treadmills in the world. Weslo Cadence treadmills are inexpensive, yet they are of good quality and have a number of features comparable to treadmills that cost more.

Looking at some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of this brand would help you in gaining a better insight into this brand of treadmill.

First, the starting prices of treadmills in this range is truly amazing. You can get a Weslo treadmill for just a little under $200. Therefore, for beginners this is the perfect equipment to start with. It is virtually impossible to get a durable, robust and long lasting treadmill from any other brand other than Weslo, for just under $1000.

Second, Weslo treadmills have a number of features such as heart and pulse rate monitors, variable speeds, time, calories and distance displays, manual inclines to add intensity to your workout. You also have the option to choose either manual or motorized treadmills, both at a very low price.

Third, most of the Weslo treadmills have a cushioning system so that no injury incurs to your legs or other important body parts while exercising. Apart from this, most of the Weslo treadmills have a walking track that is spacious enough to enable you to exercise freely.

The construction of the treadmill is quite sturdy. Everyone in your family can exercise on the machines since most of them feature variable speeds.

Weslo does not compromise on the most critical part of a treadmill, the motor. The motors in Weslo treadmills have a minimum horsepower of 2 hp and can endure extended workouts.

Fourth, Weslo treadmills are designed using a patented space saver technology that enables you to fold up the treadmill and put it away when not in use. You can carry your treadmill with you when you are traveling and thus avoid missing your exercise regime.

One of the biggest sore points about this treadmill is the woefully short warranty of just 90 days. Weslo treadmills are not very suitable for marathon runners, athletes or power users.

In spite of these two shortcomings, Weslo treadmills  are an excellent choice and are recommended.