Treadmill Reviews

The Weslo Cadence Ex 14 Treadmill

Icon health and fitness Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment. The company has been consistently ranked amongst the top most in the area of sporting and fitness equipment.

They are specially recognized for the quality, longevity and durability of their products. The Weslo Cadence EX 14 is one such model from this manufacturing house that has a number of useful features.

These features are outlined below.

It has variable speed options that help you to exercise at different speeds. It has speeds meant for warming up, burning fat, aerobic exercise and performance. The model has a  special key for adjusting the speed.

The LCD monitor shows the speed, time, distance, pulse, fat and calories burnt. The information displayed helps you to monitor the effectiveness of your workout. The monitor is based on green technology and is automatically switched off if not used for 6 minutes.

This treadmill can be manually inclined in two positions.

It has space saver design and thus can be stored easily when not in use. This treadmill  has wheels that enable you to move it around very easily.

The model also has many added features like special space for bottle holder, cell phones and keys.

The advantage of the Weslo Cadence EX 14 treadmill is that it is portable and you can take it with you anywhere in the house or out of the house.

The main disadvantage is that makes a lot of noise.

It has no comfort cell cushioning, so there are chances that you might injure or sprain your ankles, knee because of the stress of running on a hard surface.

It is an attractive choice of treadmill because of the low price.

Where will you find a treadmill, which has all the features mentioned above and comes at such a low price that fits your pocket?

Weslo Cadence provides you the most economical treadmills in the market. At the same time, the company does not compromise with the quality of its product. In fact, the services offered along with the product would leave you baffled.