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Review of Proform Treadmills

When you talk of Proform treadmills, you know you are talking of quality in terms of money. The Proform treadmills are manufactured by the house of Icon Health and Fitness Group, the manufacturer of popular brands such as Reebok, Nordic Track, Weider, and Weslo.

The reviews on the Proform treadmills have always been very good and provide a favorable opinion on the performance and the quality of the machines. Let us look at some of the reviews on the Proform treadmills by noted reviewers.

Treadmill doctor’s reviews say that the Proform performs as is expected from a reliable and dependable player in the field. You get true value for money with Proform treadmills.

The best part of the machines is the solid construction. The models vary in horsepower and even the cheapest models have a motor of 2.0 hp. The treadmills are based on the famous SpaveSaver technology that allows you to fold and store the treadmill when it is not being used.

The Runner’s World review on Proform treadmills evaluated the treadmills to be good for light exercising but not suitable for heavy use. However, the warranty could have been somewhat better. The warranty coverage on the machine is a dismal 90 days. Then again, a warranty on a product is usually the sum of the quality of its components.
Once you get to know the inside facts, the initial appeal of a low price is bound to wear off. In case you are constrained by a low budget, and do not have any other option then go ahead and buy this treadmill.

After all, it is a good entry-level machine and it will suit your requirements if you are just beginning to workout.