Treadmill Reviews

Review of Horizon Treadmills

Treadmills are believed to be a single solution for all health enthusiasts and fitness-freaks. Everyone is aware of the benefits of walking. Walking refreshes your very mind and tones all the muscles, giving you essential exercise everyday.

The treadmill is the complete answer to all your fitness problems, right within your own home. You can avail the benefits of a leisurely walk in your sitting room and watch TV at the same time.

One of the established brands of treadmills is the Horizon brand.

The Horizon treadmills are produced by Johnson Health Tech, an internationally renowned multi-national corporation. In fact, it is placed 5th in the world of sporting equipment. Horizon treadmills are the leaders in its field. The machines are equipped with many features that help to provide you with a good workout.

The company from the very inception has been a manufacturer of world-class products. It has all sorts of treadmill bikes including elliptical and stationary bikes to give you a state-of-the-art workout. Its machines are also supported by one of the longest warranties in the market.  Let us have look at one of the best models of horizons treadmills.

One of the treadmills from the manufacturer in the mid segment is the Horizon T74. The price of this segment ranges from $1200 to $1300. You are provided with all the features for a mid segment treadmill.

First, it has continuous duty 2.5 hp motor that will provide you with  powerful performance. The inclination power of the runner is from 0 to 15% and you can feel the thrill of running up a slope. You can track your performance by reading the speed, heart rate, calories burned and other information on the console. The cushioning system is one of the best in the industry.

These features provide you with a complete workout. It will be a great idea to visit your nearest Horizon outlet and test ride a horizon treadmill, today.