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Review of Alliance Treadmills

Alliance Treadmills is an established brand in the manufacture and sale of treadmills.  The brand is owned by a US based company called Keys Fitness. Keys Fitness started by  manufacturing strength-training products. For the past one decade however, it has been manufacturing tread machines.

Healthtrainer, Discovery, Encore and Ironman are some other brands under the Keys umbrella. Keys Fitness owns all of these fitness brands.

Alliance Treadmills provide good quality components. Their quality is better in comparison with other treadmills in the same price range.

Alliance Treadmill machines offer exceptional warranties as well. The frame is generally covered for a lifetime, the motor for ten years, the belt and deck for five years, parts for two years and labor charges for one year.

The Alliance brand of Treadmills has powerful motors. All of the Alliance treadmills have 2 HP continuous duty motors. Some other salient features include orthopedic belt, heart rate monitor, grip pulse sensors, preset workouts, fans and accessory trays. Some Alliance models also have the One Touch Treadmill Speed and the One Touch Treadmill Incline features.

These machines have a cushioned deck, which helps to absorb shocks. This cushioning effect prevents the risk of probable falls or injuries and provides a smooth and steady ride to the user.

Some Alliance machines come with a space saving, folding design. This helps in cases where space is a constraint. Some folding treadmills models are A4t, A5t, A6t and A7t.

Most Alliance Treadmills come in the mid-price category and are quite reasonable. They are a good choice for customers who want to buy affordable mid-priced fitness products. The prices range from $900 to $2000.

Although Alliance treadmills are designed and packaged very well, product finishing is an area of concern. Poor quality of assembly and finish is a major manufacturing flaw.

Some treadmill models are Alliance 815, 900, 910, 925, 950, A4t series, A5t series, A6t series, A7t series and A8t series. The A6t, A7t and A8t offer features that are more advanced. The Consumer Guide recommends the A7t and A8t machines.

A prospective buyer looking to buy a decently priced mid-range treadmill must research the treadmills available in the targeted price range. Research and reading reviews of fitness experts will help the buyer to find an appropriate fitness solution for his or  her needs and a product that combines quality with value.