Treadmill Reviews

Recommended Treadmills

A wide variety of treadmills designed to cater to the diverse fitness needs and workout plans is available in the market. A recommended treadmill would depend upon individual requirements and preferences. A machine that is suitable for one person may be unsuitable for another.

A prospective buyer must consider his or her workout requirements and fitness needs before deciding on a treadmill. Reading expert reviews, consumer surveys, fitness journals and conducting online searches may provide useful insight into some of best-rated brands.

Some factors that may help a buyer to make a wise decision include the durability and stability of the machine, the quality of its components, the warranty provided and the levels of speed and incline. It may also be helpful to take a look at customer satisfaction scores.

In terms of technical requirements, a treadmill should have a speed of at least 10 mph, incline of about 10 levels and motor of minimum 2.5 HP. Any treadmill, which provides features and components as per these specifications, is an excellent piece of fitness equipment.
Many of the recommended treadmills have a host of safety and added features. The ease of use, push button controls, heart-rate monitor, handgrips and foot rails on either side of the belt are some of the offered safety features. Additional frills such as an LCD TV, cooling fans, DVD and CD players, and memory to store various workouts are nice to have but may not be essential.

Some of the recommended treadmill models belong to reputed brand names such as Landice, Pace Master, Life fitness, True, Smooth, Precor and NordicTrack. Landice treadmills are well made, sturdy and highly rated. Some popular models are Landice L8 treadmill and Landice L7 treadmill.

Life Fitness treadmills are well constructed and affordable. These are customer-friendly and easy to use, and are often used in gyms and homes. 

Smooth, offers some of the best home treadmills in terms of quality, ease of use and customer satisfaction. A wide range of diverse models is available to suit almost every budget. The Smooth 9.25X and Smooth 525 folding treadmill are some best-rated models.

NordicTrack 8600, Bodyguard 312C treadmill, Precor 9.33 treadmill and Precor 9.35 treadmill are some other well-known and highly rated machines.

Though it may be important to look at expert ratings and surveys, one should not blindly go by them. A potential buyer must use his or her discretion based on fitness needs and workout plans. Some preliminary investigations and essential spadework before making a final decision may help in selecting a machine that is durable, highly recommended and provides complete value for money.