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Ratings for Healthrider treadmills

Healthrider treadmills are from the house of Icon health and Fitness, one of the largest manufacturers of exercising equipment. The house of Icon is also renowned for other major brands such as NordicTrack, Reebok and Weslo.

Most of the treadmills in this brand are within the low or middle range and the prices start from $600 and go up to $2500. The original Healthrider exercise machine stirred up a lot of excitement during the early 1990s. It changed the idea of fitness for an entire generation.

The philosophy of the company of providing quality products with outstanding features and at competitive prices is carried forward in the latest Healthrider exercise equipment.

Let us have a look at the ratings of two of the Healthrider treadmill models.

Healthrider L700i
This is the best treadmill from the manufacturer. Priced at around $1500, it is also the costliest. It has a commercial grade 2.5 hp motor and as per the manufacturer, one of the best cushioning systems to prevent strain and stress on sensitive joints of the body.

It has 10 inbuilt programs. Its design is based on the unique SpaceSaver® design that is a feature in most of Icon’s products. The speed can go up to 12 mph in increments. With an incline feature, that allows an incline of 10% and a wide tread measuring 55” x 19”, this machine is a great buy.

Healthrider L600i:
This is definitely another good treadmill from Healthrider. It has a commercial grade motor of 2 hp and the speed can be increased up to 12 mph. The belt has a dimension of 55” x 18” that is enough room for running or walking.

The only sore point in the above two models is the dismally low warranty period of just 90 days. If this were improved, then this treadmill would definitely get higher ratings.