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Ironman Legacy Treadmill The Actual Truth

All the brands swear upon the quality of their treadmills but the experts are the best judge of the flaws and advantages of the various models of treadmills. For example, there may be a treadmill with the finest motor in the industry but an inclination of 7 percent only. As a result, the ratings might suffer.

To make the point more clear, let's consider the case of Ironman Legacy Treadmill which is also called Ironman TV treadmill because it has an 8' inch LCD screen installed in it.

It is a good treadmill but it has a very rough finish. If you look at its design and its outward appearance, you will surely get attracted to it. In fact, it has some very good features, but is not completely sans flaws.

The three areas where the Ironman Legacy Treadmill has gained ratings are the working area of the belt, the power of the motor and the cushioning system. They have been rated with points like 9, 7, and 6 respectively out of ten by the reviews. But, the flaws of the machine lie in its warranty, value and reliability.

The period of warranty offered with Ironman is very less as compared to the other treadmills. It is priced at $1,999 but is not very reliable as there are some flaws in the fitting of the machine. Thus, the amount that you would spend on this machine could get you better treadmills from other brands.

Despite its flaws, it has got an overall rating of 6.5 out of 10 which is not at all bad for a home treadmill.