Treadmill Reviews

An Overview of the Proform Treadmill

Proform is a very popular brand  in the treadmill industry. The brand is manufactured by the company Icon Health & Fitness Inc. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of treadmills and other exercise equipment and caters to both the gym and home segment.

Proform treadmills are generally considered to be good entry-level machines that are suitable for light exercise. These treadmills are based on the acknowledged SpaceSaver technology that helps to save space.

Proform Perspective ES Treadmill:

This is perhaps the best treadmill produced by the manufacturer. It has an amazing 7-inch flat screen television fitted on the console.

The acoustic sound system is very good and you can listen to music or watch your favorite shows. The machine provides you twenty-eight different workout programs from which you can choose. Such features actually help to reduce the monotony of working out.

The motor is a powerful  3.5 hp. The deck has more than sufficient space. The motor is able to meet the demands of heavy workouts.

Proform 990X Treadmill:

This Proform treadmill has all the features that one can expect from a standard treadmill.  A patented system called Quick Select allows you to set the resistance speed without having to interrupt your workout.

The motor with a 2.5 hp is a continuous duty motor that does not too much make noise or cause vibrations. The cushioning system of this model has been rated the best in the industry.

To know more about the products manufactured by the company, you can contact the authorized dealers. You can also check the corporate website and know more about the features of the same. It is also possible for you to place the order directly at the website.