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An Overview of Landice Treadmills

Landice has been in the treadmill manufacturing  business since 1967. With over four decades of extensive experience, Landice treadmills are high quality and made with commercial grade components. Landice models frequently appear in the top ten treadmill ratings.

Landice treadmill machines have been rated as number 1 by Runner’s World magazine, in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

Landice produces home as well as commercial treadmills. Their home treadmills come with a lifetime warranty and are durable and solid machines. The motors are long lasting and the tread belts are of excellent quality.

The company provides 4-ply tread belts on its residential-use models, whereas most of the competitors offer only 2-ply belts.

Home Landice treadmills have a shock absorption system and also offer pre-set programmable workouts. Some of their treadmills have different training programs to cater to the different fitness needs of various family members. Two very popular models for home use are the L 7 and L 8 treadmills.

The L7 is a rust proof machine. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and parts and one year on labor. The L8 model is suitable for weight loss and for users requiring a wider running surface. It supports running up to a speed of 12 mph.
It is an extremely durable machine. 

The range of commercial Landice treadmills  includes models designed for club, light commercial and rehabilitative uses. The LTD and Commercial series have a warranty period of five years.

The Club series products have heavy-duty features and attractive warranties to meet the demands of health clubs and gyms. The 2.5” rollers help to reduce friction and improve the longevity of the motor, belt, rollers and bearings.

The L9, L7 and L8 are commercial grade models. Both the L7 and L9 have a 3 HP motor and accessory racks for bottles or magazines.

The LTD Treadmills are designed for institutional usage, where the usage is expected to be less than five hours a day. The LTD series offers an economical alternative to the buyer, without having to compromise on features and durability. The L7 LTD and L 8 LTD series treadmills are examples of Landice LTD treadmill machines.

The L8 LTD series is powered by a 3 HP motor and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. It provides a 15% electric elevation and an accessory rack. The L7 LTD series offers all the features of L8 LTD series, except the weight capacity which in this case is 400 lbs.

Therapists and medical practitioners for treating post-operative or neurological conditions use Landice treadmills for rehabilitation and recovery. These products may also be used to train athletes in accordance with international standards. These treadmills are ideal for rehabilitative, medical and sports condition therapy. Some Landice rehab treadmills include L7 Rehab, L 8 Rehab and L-7 RTM Rehab.

Landice treadmills are known for their high quality of construction. The machines have good flywheels, which offer the maximum level of inertia in the industry. Shock absorption and quality belts help to give the user a comfortable and easy workout.

Designed to cater to the fitness needs of home, commercial or rehabilitative use, Landice Treadmill machines are the ideal solution for every kind of heath requirement.