Commercial Treadmills

About Commercial Treadmill

There are two types of treadmills. One meant for home purpose and the other meant for use in gymnasiums. The second category is called commercial treadmills. Commercial treadmills are different from home treadmills. They are meant for harsher environment like a gymnasium or a health club and are meant for rough and frequent use.

This is the reason that they are built with strong components and are more expensive than the domestic treadmills. Most of the home treadmills come with a 2 ply tread belt. Commercial treadmills use a 4-ply belt. In addition, they have a high-powered motor and are built with stronger and more durable parts.

Brands such as Landice are available in two versions. These are the limited or the LTD series. It is made for high end home or light commercial use. The second series is the Club series that is meant for use at fitness clubs or gymnasiums. There are other brands like Sole, which manufactures treadmills completely for home purpose.
When you go to buy a treadmill meant for your high-end home gymnasium, go for a lower end commercial treadmill with higher end machines. Here are a few models of some highly known commercial treadmills.

The treadmill that tops the list is Z9. It is designed for a complete commercial use. It comes with the largest running surface and a warranty that is most comprehensive. These features makes it one of the best commercial treadmills. Then there is the Z8, which has a running surface of 20”x 62” and a mono led control panel. A variation called the  Z8.1 is also available. It has a wireless contact heart rate monitoring system.

Then there is the Z7, which is known for its high performance and is meant for vertical market use. It comes with a warranty that is one of the best in the businesses. It also has a large running surface, which makes it highly comfortable. Then there is the handy Z6.1 in the market, which offers a compact design.

However, you should be aware of false and tall claims. These days manufacturers of cheap home treadmills are calling their expensive models as commercial. Actually, that is cheating you. Commercial treadmills are higher end treadmills that are heavier than home treadmills. They even take up extra space and are not that handy as the home treadmills are.

When you have decided to buy a commercial treadmill, make sure you carry out some very intensive and extensive research. Ignorance can result in a bad purchasing decision which you might regret for a long time.  Some leading brands who offer commercial treadmills at ease are Landice, Lifefitness and Star Trac.