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What Do Ratings Say About Horizon Treadmills?

Horizon treadmills are from a manufacturer called Johnson Health. They are one of the most-reputed brands among treadmills. In spite of tough competition, Horizon Treadmills ratings have been among the highest. The Horizon Treadmill ratings are done by the experts of the treadmills based on consumer satisfaction and market reviews. Now, the ratings are carried out for all the segments of the treadmill, which includes the budget treadmills, mid-range treadmills, and the high-end treadmills. Since, Horizon produces only two types of treadmills, namely the budget and mid-range, so the ratings are for these two specific categories.

Budget horizon treadmill ratings
The ratings of these budget treadmills give Horizon, T50 which is the highest spot among other models from the company. The treadmill provides a reasonable length of belt with low price of $500. And the motor has a power of 1.75 hp continuous duty, which can really withstand pressure. The only drawback of these treadmills is their short warranty of labor. It is for a limited period of 90 days and one year for parts.

Mid-range horizon treadmills
The RTC 7.6 is rated as the best among the mid-range treadmills of this brand. The style, the body and the dimensions are all considered excellent. The 2.5 hp motor can give you feel the thrill of a good run. The ORTHOflex GEL cushioning system relieves your tension of incurring injuries. There are running programs on it, a fan, and above the price is $1300, which makes it a sensible buy for your home.