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Weslo Treadmills And Health Equipments

If you have a Weslo Treadmill at your home, you are using one of the good brands of home exercising equipments. Weslo has various treadmill models designed to meet the demands of the customers of various choices and tastes. Plus, you need not spend too much of your hard earned money to home in a Weslo treadmill. Most of them come at quite a reasonable price.

The low price of the treadmills doesn’t mean that the treadmills from Weslo lack in proper equipments and accessories. Weslo Treadmills are well-equipped and they meet all the quality standards. Some of the characteristic features of Weslo Treadmills are:

Heart rate monitor: This equipment helps to count your heart rate while you carry out the exercise. This is present only in the quality and mid range treadmills.

The inclination system: The mechanical inclination of the belt is there to give the sensation of up hill workouts.

LCD screen: The display of various items like the calories burnt, the speed, the distance traveled appear on this screen so that the runner can read the details without interrupting the session.

Water bottle holder: While you workout for longer duration, you may require slight of liquids in the middle of the workout. The bottle holder helps you keep water or juice bottles at a comfortable distance.

Book shelf: Many people prefer to read while taking a walk on the runner. Thus bookshelf can be used for keeping news papers/books.

Workout Programs: Some high price treadmills provide this additional equipment. Along the treadmill you get workout programs to follow as well.

Besides these accessories, you can also buy some other Weslo Treadmill equipments. One is the VINYL floor mat. This mat is bought by many people to provide better protection beneath the machine. It also makes the machine stand quite on the floor.

The other equipment that you can buy is the treadmill accessory kit. The kit includes many essential things that help to keep the treadmill problem free.