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Weslo Manual Treadmill

Manual treadmill means a treadmill without electronic motor to make your belt run. Here you need to make the belt run with your own legs, pressurizing through the action of walking. Weslo has been the best manufacturer for cheap treadmills and it has a manual treadmill called the Aerobicstride 2.0. This Weslo manual treadmill comes for just $99. The price of the machine makes it one of the favorites for those who prefer manual treadmills. It has a few good features as well.

You have a LCD screen to see the workout programs, your speed and the distance you have run, and set the inclination as per your choice manually. The manual inclination can be done at two positions and including an uphill stimulated run. You have enough space with the treadbelt of 41” x 17”. It has two balanced wheels and two more built-in transport wheel which make the running or walking easier. The treadmill is foldable and saves space. But the Weslo manual treadmills have heir drawbacks as well. The warranty on repair and parts is its greatest drawback. They provide an overall warranty of 90 days only. There is no cushioning system and hence, you may injure your joints while you run on it. It doesn’t carry the features of showing the heart rate and the provision for adding on any accessory that might delight you.