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Weslo Cadence XT Treadmill

Weslo has been the producer of cheapest treadmills in the market. The Cadence treadmills of Weslo have a price range that most people can afford them. Amongst the treadmills falling in this cheap range are the Cadence treadmills. And there are almost 15 series of Cadence including the Weslo Cadence XT Treadmill. But the treadmills have many disadvantages because of which the treadmills have low ratings in the reviews. There are number of models in the Cadence series. Weslo Cadence XT Treadmill is one of them. Presently, this treadmill is out-of-stock in many retailers due to decreased response from the buyers.

The price of the treadmill ranges from $399 to $499 depending on the accessories you choose along with the actual machine. The motor has 2.0 hp which is quite impressive at this price. It has a belt dimension of 45” x 16”, which is enough for a comfortable run. Then you have the step-by-step feedback technology to track your workouts. And the comfort cell cushioning system is quite good and you can workout without any tension of injuries. And there are four positions of inclines that you can use ranging from 7% to 11% inclination. Moreover, you can run with a speed of up to 10 km/hr.

In spite of having such nice features the Weslo Cadence XT Treadmill could not make its mark in the market due to some flaws. The first flaw is that the machine has a problem of stability and makes audible noises while on the run. Secondly, the warranty on the parts is only for 90 days only and for labor it’s only 45 days.