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Weslo Cadence C42 Treadmill

The Weslo cadence c42 treadmill is a popular treadmill which has the following features to its credit:

1. A powerful motor of 2.0HP.

2. Adjustable power incline up to 10 % to give more variety to your workouts.

3. Easy pulse grip to keep a record of your pulse rate.

4. A tread belt with dimensions of 16”x 50”.

5. Visual displays to keep record of your speed, time, distance and the calories burnt which helps you to evaluate the quality of your workouts.

6. Space saver technology to help you fold the treadmill and store it in any place of your house.

7. Has a weight capacity of 250lbs.

8. Limited warranty period.

9. 0-10 miles per hour speed range.

10. A thumb sensor for tracking your heart rate.

So, by looking at the above-mentioned features one might have got a fair idea that it is an entry level treadmill and specially great for the starters. It is another model from the well known Icon health and fitness Inc. They are already famous for the quality, longevity and diversity of the models they produce. This, like the other models, is also cheap, giving you all the facilities that a normal person just starting to exercise would require. The width of the belt is designed for such starters. This machine is not for the vigorous fitness freaks or the marathon runners but for those who simply want a light exercise.

There are some facts you need to consider while exercising on this machine. Firstly, you should not be over 250lbs, you should not attempt to run vigorously on this treadmill as this would create pressure on the belt, as it is not that much efficient to handle that much pressure. At the same time, it is easy to fold and has a cushioned deck. Considering these things, its a good bargain to purchase this model of treadmill.