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Weslo Cadence 805 Treadmill

Weslo has been the producer of cheapest treadmills in the market. The Cadence treadmills of Weslo have a price range that most people can afford them. But the treadmills have many disadvantages because of which the treadmills have low ratings in the reviews. There are number of models in the Cadence series. Weslo Cadence 805 Treadmill is one of them. Presently, this treadmill is out-of-stock in many retailers due to decreased response from the buyers. In fact, if you search all the pages on the internet, you will find no stock of this treadmill.

Advantages of Weslo Cadence 805:
The price range is of $299 only. This is a treadmill for everyone’s pocket but not for everyone’s workouts. The warranty is also good. If you are a beginner then this treadmill is going to suit your needs. The belt size is also quite comfortable and the dimension is of 48” x 19”. And the inclination can be done in three steps. The durability of the machine is also good.

Disadvantages of Weslo Cadence 805 Treadmill:
Well the greatest disadvantage is its weak motor of only 1.0 hp. For beginners and casual walker the motor doesn't matter much but for those seeking a speedier run, the machine will not support your regimen. Secondly, the inclination power is not enough for the hard cardiovascular exercise. Thirdly, there are no safety measures at all. There is no cushioning system and hence, you may injure your joints while you run on it. It doesn’t carry the features of showing the number of calories burnt and the heart rate.