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Weslo Cadence 715 Treadmill

There is a huge variety of treadmills available today and many of them have become rather obsolete and are difficult to locate. One among such extinct species of treadmills is the Weslo Cadence 715 Treadmill. In fact, if you search all the pages on the internet, you will find no stock of this treadmill. The usual response is that of being out-of-stock or that the production for the Weslo Cadence 715 Treadmill has been stopped.

The Weslo Cadence 715 Treadmill was in fact one of the best treadmills at one point in time. The motor power of the machine was 2.5 hp and could give a high speed of 11 km/hr. The belt length of the machine too had the standard shape and dimensions of 50” x 19”.

The cushioning system was good with a good warranty on the accessories. The inclination could go from 7 to 9% and the technique was similar to what is boasted by the new products. But, it lacked in being updated and there was a big absence of modern gadgets and some of the treadmill running programs. In spite of such good make and durability, people have forgotten the model since they have now more flamboyant and flashy treadmills in the market.