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Wanna Buy A Treadmill? Go For Reviews

Treadmill reviews with rating are one of the best guides for those who are willing to buy treadmill. Thousands of such treadmill reviews are available online. These reviews often result in a cut throat competition among manufacturers to bring innovation and quality in their models to win over reviewers who often happen to be physical trainer or fitness doctor. You can always purchase best suited model by going through these reviews online.

Buying a treadmill is always a discretion of consumer and he gets tempted only after going through treadmill reviews. These reviews often help in making up buyers mind about a particular model. Usually, the cost of treadmill ranges from 2000 dollars to 6000 dollars. So, instead of cost being a cause of concern while buying, features and buyers exercise needs become the priority. Different treadmill models are designed to suit different fitness requirements.

Reviews favor only those who are leading in terms of quality. Star track and Proform are two leading sophisticated treadmill manufactures who have earned rave reviews for consumer satisfaction. Another leading brand is the Proform, manufactured by Icon Health and Fitness. This company also produces Reebok. Only thing that makes buyers reluctant while buying a Proform model is it's little warranty period. Nordic Track treadmills is the other high quality brand of Icon. But, are comparatively costly.

Precor is the leading one in genre of elliptical treadmills. But, these are very costly and only lifestyle conscious consumers prefer it. Weslo treadmills are considered very economical. It is suggested for beginners. Weslo manufactures treadmills by offering a lower horsepower engine, a belt with comparatively less endurance and no preprogrammed features.