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Vision Fitness Treadmill

Vision fitness treadmill is another brand that has carved a niche in the treadmill market. Vision fitness offers a host of brands suitable for various workout needs. From T9200 Simple to T9800 HRT, Vision offers a wide range of models so that fitness treadmills could meet the need of simple walking exercise, jogging or complex running exercises. T9200 models satisfy the need of beginners who are in need for mild workouts. T9500 and T9600 series satisfies the need of middle level exercise seekers with pre-programmed workouts and various jogging options. While T9700 and T9800 HRT are world class heavy duty running treadmills that are also preferred by gym trainers. These heavy duty treadmills are very effective for cardiovascular fitness requirements. To know more about Vision treadmills, read.


These treadmills are most simple, reliable and comfortable treadmills in the market. It's world class variable-durometer elastomer cushioning reduces any chances of adverse effect on joints while doing workout. The softest elastomer exists where your foot touches the deck while the hardest is in the back to extend support. In T9600, T9500, and T9450 models, extra shock-absorbing orthopedic belts have been introduced.


Vision's HRT models offer various program functions that create a tremendous amount of variety, making them fun to use while encouraging you to continue. The HRT function monitors target heart rate and height and speed get adjusted automatically in heavy duty models. For mild workouts, T9200 is quiet, smooth and more stable (the console vibrates less). Vision's Smart-Matrix™ LED consoles could be used easily catering to all your information requirements necessary for achieving exercise objective. Vision Fitness treadmill prefers high quality parts instead over fancy bells and whistles. All vision models offer twenty inch wide belt that is quite comfortable for running. Treadmill's high quality roller and bearings keep the belt aligned while doing workout. Vision fitness price ranges from 1500$ to 5000$.