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True Treadmills

True treadmills are available in models for both commercial and home use market. It is one of the best known of brands. It is very quiet and comfortable.

True treadmills are manufactured and designed by True Fitness Technology, Inc., a leader in the fitness industry since 1981.

True treadmills are manufactured in the state of Missouri, just outside St. Louis. The company has a network of 350 domestic dealers and 50 online and offshore distributors with operations spanning 50 countries.

Every True Treadmill features the company’s  patented and innovative technology, which will definitely make your workout a more enjoyable one.

Moreover, each treadmill is built with the highest quality material, which assures that the product is of excellent quality. The extensive warranties give you peace of mind.

There are many  True Treadmill models. Select the one that you think will work best for you.

Here are some details on some of their models for you to go through:

True Treadmill Z5.5

This model has the largest belted surface and the fastest speed of all of the models. If you plan to build up on your speed levels, then this is the model for you. It also has a patented and unique heart rate control system. If you want to achieve your fitness goals as fast as possible, then this is the right model for you.

True Treadmill Z5.4

This model has a heart rate control system, as well as a 22-inch wide belt. You can choose from 12 different levels of cushions for your feet, and it is designed to save on space. It also features an easy to read display panel that displays your progress in terms of  speed, distance, grade time, and calories burned. You can also use pre-programmed workouts with this model.

True Classic

The Classic permits you to plan and build personal workouts and save them to the system's memory. It features an 18-inch surface with fewer panel options that help to keep focused on the workouts, not get distracted by the panel display.
The True treadmills carry reasonable warranties that cover the motor, running decks and tread belts for a five-year period. True also provides guarantee on labor for one year on most of its models. There are competing brands that offer better warranties than True.