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True Fitness Treadmills

True treadmills are manufactured and designed by True Fitness Technology, Inc., a leader in the fitness industry since 1981.

The manufacturing facilities are just outside St. Louis in the state of Missouri. The company has a network of 350 domestic dealers and 50 online and offshore distributors with operations spanning 50 countries.

True treadmills are available in models for both commercial and home use market. It is one of the best known of brands. It is very quiet and comfortable.
Runners World is not the only magazine that has independently assessed and spoken highly of True. Men’s Journal (2001), Tennis Magazine (2001) and Men’s Fitness (1999) have all similarly had good things to say about True treadmills.

True treadmills have received impressive reviews and feedback. They have built a reputation for stability, ultra quiet operation and a cushioned feel. In an article in the Runners World a few years ago, the True 540 HRC was rated the overall winner amongst strong contenders from 11 other brands. It received top grades for the display and control panel and was ranked a very close second in stability and cushioning.

According to Treadmill Doctor the comfortable and quiet operations of True treadmills is their  perfect combination of deck and belt, which according to them is the best in the market. As far as the price is concerned, they do say that the product is competitive only when discounted. The product has highly priced with an upscale image and a strong marketing stance.

Every True Treadmill features patented and innovative technology, which makes your workout experience very enjoyable. Each treadmill is built with the highest quality material and manufacturing standards.

With a 5 year cover on the motor, deck and tread belts and a guarantee on defective workmanship for one year, the extensive warranties give you peace of mind. However, there are competing products that offer better warranties.

Key and Smooth offers 10 years warranties on most of their equipment and the products are similarly priced to the True 400 series. However, as you move higher and nearer the $3000 mark Landice provides even stiffer competition to True by offering an unbelievable lifetime guarantee.

Overall, True treadmills are ranked favorably in the higher end premium class, alongside the likes of Star Trac, Precor and Landice. Their competitively priced economy 400 Series however has stiff competition in the $2000 range.

There are many different True Treadmill models, and the choice and preference depends on what you think will work best for you.