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True 450 Treadmills Reviewed

True treadmills are manufactured  in the state of Missouri State just outside St. Louis. The company has a network of 350 domestic dealers and 50 online and offshore distributors with operations spanning 50 countries.

However, purchasing True treadmills online through the net can prove to be somewhat difficult. Just a few and not so well known websites offer to sell old models and not many  fitness stores keep the brand. One has to locate a brick and mortar dealer to purchase True treadmills. However, the website provides a directory of True treadmill dealers.

True treadmills are available in models for both commercial and home use market. It is one of the best known of brands. It is very quiet and comfortable.

True treadmills fall in the higher price category. True’s home treadmills start from around $2000, and their top end models carry price tags of above $5000. Their treadmills are available in five series, which cater to all segments of the market.

The company markets the 450 Series as a space saving range. The series has the same components as the more expensive models in other ranges but they have a smaller running surface.

It has more power than the 400 HRC model but has a smaller running surface. It is designed for efficient utilization of space, but when space is a major constraint, you might want to consider a folding type treadmill instead. Therefore, you should either select  the True 400 series or else consider a folding treadmill like the Smooth 7.0 model.

The True 450 Series has health and cardio toning features like Heart Rate Control (HRC). They are geared for weights up to 400 Lbs on 18 x 52 inches decks. They  feature a 3.0 H.P. motor that is sufficient to handle speeds up to 10 M.P.H. with inclines up to 15%. True’s 450 Series, as one might have noted, offer HRC models that monitor heart rate and can control inclines and speeds in response to heart rate readings

True’s entry level treadmill offers a good-sized motor and running surface and maintains the quality of their higher priced machines. It has some strong competition from the Smooth 9.2 that has a 10 year warranty, a larger motor and slightly larger running surface.

The True treadmills carry reasonably good warranties, with a 5 year cover on its motors, running decks and tread belts. On most models True also provides guarantee on labor for one year. There are competing brands however, that offer better warranties than that of True.