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True 400 Treadmills

True treadmills are available in models for both commercial and home use market. It is one of the best known of brands. It is very quiet and comfortable.

True treadmills are manufactured and designed by True Fitness Technology, Inc a leader in the fitness industry since 1981.

True treadmills are manufactured in the state of Missouri, just outside St. Louis. The company has a network of 350 domestic dealers and 50 online and offshore distributors with operations spanning 50 countries.

True treadmills fall in the higher price category. True’s home treadmills  start from around $2000, and their top end models carry price tags of above $5000. Their treadmills are available in five series, which cater to all segments of the market.

The True 400 Series consist of just two models – one that has a heart rate monitor and the other is without such a feature. This is True’s most inexpensive series. They are nevertheless, high quality machines.

Here are some details on True’s 400 HRC Treadmills:

Motor Size: 2.75 continuous duty.
Running Surface: 54in x 20in
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 12%
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: No

True’s entry level treadmill offers a good-sized motor and running surface and maintains the quality of their higher priced machines. It has some strong competition from the Smooth 9.2 that has a 10-year warranty, a larger motor and slightly larger running surface.

The True treadmills carry warranties that are quite satisfactory with a 5-year cover on its motors, running decks and tread belts. On most models True also provides guarantee on labor for one year. There are competing brands however, that offer better warranties than offered by True.

Key and Smooth offer 10 years warranties on most of their equipment and the pricing structure is similar to that of True’s 400 series.. However, as you move  nearer the $3000 mark Landice provides stiffer competition to True by offering an unbelievable lifetime guarantee.

Overall, True treadmills are ranked favorably in the higher end premium class, alongside the likes of Star Trac, Precor and Landice. Their competitively priced economy 400 Series however has stiff competition in the $2000 range.