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Trimline Treadmills

Trimline treadmills are somewhat new in the treadmills market. Even though they came into the market in 1994, they have continuously expanded and improved their range of treadmills.

Trimline treadmill prices range between $1500 and $2500 and thereby fall in the keenly contested moderately priced category. Their latest range of ten treadmills has two models that are of the folding type.

Here are some features of the most basic and the highest end Trimline models that will give you an idea of the features in the range that are worth considering:

Trimline Treadmill 1620
Priced a little above $1000 it is one amongst the cheapest of Trimline treadmills. It may be somewhat noisy but more than makes up for it with a spacious walking deck. It comes with six pre-programmed workouts. There is no heart rate monitoring function in this model. An equivalent model is the Smooth 5.0P that has a bigger motor, similar warranty, is foldable and yet costs a couple of hundreds of dollars less.

The basic stats on this treadmill are:
Motor Size: 2.0 continuous duty
Running Surface: 55in x 17.5in
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 15%
Heart Rate: No
Folding: No

Trimline Treadmill 7800
This is the flagship treadmill model by Trimline. It has an extra large motor that carries a 30-year warranty. Its design is ideal for home but it can work equally well for light commercial use. The list price is above $2700. The 7800 has good display units and the pre-programmed workout settings are extensive and worth the extra cost.

The basic stats on this treadmill are:
Motor Size: 3.0 continuous duty
Running Surface: 57in x 20in
Maximum Speed: 11mph
Maximum Incline: 12%
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: No

In brief, Trimline treadmills fair quite well on dependability, stability, noise levels, cushioning and service. The best feature of Trimline in comparison to other competing brands in similar price range is their solid warranties. Just as Smooth, the Trimline treadmills are amongst one of the best brands in such mid-price range. If you buy a Trimline treadmill, then you will not have to pay through your nose to get a dependable, durable and good quality treadmill backed by an equally solid warranty.