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Trimline 2600 And Other Models Are A Class By Themselves

The Trimline 2600 treadmill has a 2 HP motor designed for continuous duty. It can run at a peak load of +5 HP also. The industrial version motor of the Leeson brand with a quiet PWM controller can run at speeds up to ten mph.

The treadmill can handle inclines up to 15 %. It has a sleek look with a 1” thick deck made of wood and a  GOODYEAR Softrak running bed. It can handle four preset and two programmable settings. It displays  time spent, calories burnt, speed, distance and inclines or elevations on an  LCD display.  It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on its motor, 2-years on belts, decks and rollers and for 1 year on components and labor. It has a list price of  $ 1099. 

Trimline treadmill is a preferred brand and is very popular. The product is  highly recommended by experts and customers alike. Trimline offers a warranty of 10-30 years for its various drive motors in different models, a 2-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty against defective labor or workmanship.

Trimline treadmills have models for both domestic as well as commercial use.

The industrial strength motors of Trimline treadmills are popular and  used in high-end health club  equipment. Monster Ratings based on a wide survey of  hundreds of independent dealers, service technicians as well as customers give very favorable ratings to Trimline treadmills due to the array of features and the exceptionally high standards. This survey covered more than 30 different treadmill brands.

Trimline treadmill prices generally range between $ 1500 and $ 2500 although some models with additional features could go up to $ 3000. Trimline treadmills come in the keenly contested mid price segment. However, Trimline offers a  variety of models that cover economy, mid and upper price segments.

Trimline treadmills when compared to other equivalent models of competitors  offer the best warranty periods on their equipment and components. Trimline fares well on other important parameters of a treadmill’s performance such as the stability, level of impact and noise level.

The prestigious Trimline treadmills are well built and smartly designed and they live up to customer expectations. The console is 30% larger than on other competing brands. This makes for easier viewing of information such as speed, distance, time and calories.  Each treadmill model in the Trimline range is at the top of or close to the top in every price range.