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Treadmills Nordic Track Rating

Nordic track is one of the reliable brands you can bring home for the fitness regime. You can allow the machine to take care of your health. Nordic track is one of the popular brands to offer a variety of features in its treadmills that suit the needs and requirements of every consumer. Nordic track treadmills are known for their durable quality and higher brand recognition. These have been the causes of the brand's increasing popularity among the consumers in the market.For getting more information on 'treadmills nordic track rating', read Nordic Trac Treadmills.

Nordic track treadmills provide long term warranty on all the models, ensure repair and replacement with genuine accessories. Among many treadmills, nordic track rating in the guides has been approved by many. The features of the nordic proucts are rated the best. Let's look at some of its features:

  • Motor: True continuous horsepower.
  • Speed: A safe starting speed between 0 to 10 mph.
  • Belt and Deck: The width of the belt is 16".
  • Impact Absorption: Absorbs some of the force from the impact of your feet.
  • Incline: The incline ranges from 0 % to about 15 %.
  • Control Panels: Electronic feedback displays speed, time and distance, also your calories burned, heart rate, incline and workout history.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: Treadmills include electronic heart-rate monitor.
  • Frame: High alloy, welded steel with a protective coating to avoid rust.
  • Hand Rails: Some treadmills are designed with a handlebar in front, some with side rails.
  • Warranty: A multi-year motor warranty.
  • Price: Good quality motorized treadmill, ranges from $1,000 or more and those with the most advanced features and electronics, will run up to $2,500.