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Treadmills by Trimline

Trimline was started by Brothers Bill, Joe and Bob Hebb in 1994. They had only one business rule, offer top quality and user-friendly treadmills at a low price. Treadmills by Trimline are made in the USA  and are considered the best treadmills available in the market.

These treadmills use big industrial-strength motors that are usually available in high priced professional treadmills. The treadmills are smooth in operation, quiet and vibration free. They are equipped with a display screen. The treadmill symbolizes quality.

The treadmill by Trimline  is a part of Nautilus exercising group, which makes it clear that it is priced at a lower rate. It comes with a warranty of 10-30 years. The warranty shows that it is durable, strong and will meet customer satisfaction.

There are a number of Trimline models. These  models can be classified into the lower end models and the high-end models.

Like, Trimline t340 Treadmill, which comes with 2.0 hp continuous duty drive motor and a 20” x 57” running surface. It has a 2-ply running belt and a 9/16” display screen. It comes with a lifetime warranty of 30 years. Another model is the Trimline t345 Folding Treadmill. It has a special folding feature that makes it compact and easy to move. Its dimensions are 73” x 34” out of which an area of 27” x 34” is foldable. Then there is Trimline t380 Light Commercial Treadmill. It is meant for tougher and much rigorous workouts. It comes with a 3.0 hp USA made drive motor.

Another model is the Trimline t370HRC treadmill, which is a mid-priced treadmill meant for people who want health club quality in their  homes. It gives total value for money and has user-friendly features like, Supersoft deck system, speed, and elevation quick keys. It has a heavy-duty motor that performs at 3.0 horsepower. It also comes with a 30 years motor warranty.

Every model of Trimline treadmill has an easy view and easy program console. Trimline is different because it comes with a 30% larger console than any other treadmill. This makes viewing speed, distance, time and calories very easy while running. It has a cushioned surface that lowers the shock to your joints and lower back. Hence, it is a very comfortable option.

As mentioned before, Trimline comes with a lifetime warranty for motor of 30 years. Apart from this, other parts of Trimline treadmill are covered with good warranties. The overall support and design makes this treadmill an extremely valuable asset.