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Treadmills by Pacemaster

Pacemaster has been manufacturing treadmills since 1968. Since then their treadmills are ranked the Best Buys in researches conducted year after year. They give you the best value for money. They have become the choice of athletes because of their high speed of 11mph and an elevation of 15 %.

The unique interactive programming feature of Pacemaster consistently makes the users aware of their current fitness levels. This helps users to set target for themselves by customizing programs. It enables the users to monitor their programs and record the same.

Treadmills by Pacemaster are equipped with a variety of features. These include monitoring on calories burnt, heart rate, and time elapsed and time left. With their variable intensity levels, they offer users to warm-up and cool-down by changing the intensity of workout. Treadmills by Pacemaster are known for their intelligence as they monitor the current fitness level of users, compare it to the set standard and facilitate them to track their progress. No other treadmill offers this feature.

Treadmills by Pacemaster are technically very strong and last for many years. The components are of superior quality.

Treadmills by Pacemaster are equipped with an exclusive Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System to prevent knees and various other joints of the body from getting absorbing shock during workout.

Unique features of Pacemaster treadmill -

To evaluate the current fitness level of the user, compare it to the standard and track the progress of user. Pacemaster is equipped with a Fitness Evaluator.

Establishment of goal
This feature enables users to predetermine what they are going to achieve from their workout with respect to calories burnt or aerobic points.

Safe and Flexible
With its variable intensity feature, the user gets the benefit of changing intensity levels in the midst of workout.

Customized solutions
User can customize their workout program according to their individual requirement.

Monitoring and Motivation
They provide users with the feedback and the facility to monitor parameter such as time, distance, aerobic points, calories burnt and heart rate.

Care for joints – With its advanced Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System, the treadmill manages to absorb most of the shock. This prevents damage to the joints of users.

Pacemaster comes in a number of series, which are mentioned below

Pacemaster ProSelect treadmill
It has a 2.75 hp motor, a weight capacity of 180 lbs, an incline up to 15% and a running surface of 20” x 50.5”.

Pacemaster Bronze Basic treadmill
It has a 3 hp motor, maximum speed up to 11 mph, incline up to 15% and a lubricant treated belt, which helps to reduce friction and enhance the life of belt.

Pacemaster ProElite treadmill
It has a motor of 3 HP and it can gain a speed of 12mph.It can incline up to 15%.

Pacemaster are the safest and the most durable treadmill available. It is not surprising that they are considered as the top most treadmill available in the industry.