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Treadmill Workout Programs - Have You Tried Interval Training?

When you hit the gym, your trainer will probably  encourage you to start on workout programs that involve interval training. Now, you might wonder what exactly interval training is.

Interval training is nothing but combining different exercises in your workout routine. Treadmill running is of course a large part of the entire workout process. Besides running, other useful exercises are also involved. The main purpose of interval training is to introduce some excitement and variety into the entire exercise routine.

 You could try introducing interval training when working out on your treadmill at home.
Working out at home may make you feel bored and you might find it difficult to keep up with the same humdrum routine of walking or running on your treadmill. Make sure that your exercise pattern not only keeps your interest alive but also makes use of time efficiently and effectively.

The workout programs should encourage you to try out new things on your treadmill.
You can also start exercising with dumbbells. The more aerobic and muscular activity that you bring into your routine, the faster and more long lasting your weight loss is going to be.
You can also skip rope while taking a brief break from your treadmill workout. If you are a music lover, then shake your body to your favorite soundtrack using aerobic movements. The more effort you put into your workout, the more calories you will burn. The more calories you burn, the more weight you will loose.

Fire up your exercise routine with a five minutes duration on the treadmill. Begin with arm movements and then work on the shoulders.

Some common workout programs on the treadmills are:

The Hill: This is a good workout program for one’s heart. The set of programs included in this are quite tough and strenuous. The programs are divided in two main categories of valleys and hills. So starting with the first hill at 70%, the program then gradually increases to 75% and eventually to 80% inclines. When doing the valleys the level is around 65%.

Random Choice Program: This program of workouts allows one to choose the entire workout process. It includes variables like the level of running and the speed

The Cardio Workouts: In this program, you can adjust the treadmill incline and heart rate.  The advantage of this program is that you get the feeling that you are climbing up a steep hill. The program is extremely beneficial for your cardiovascular system.

Fat Burn Workout: This is a light workout routine. You can adjust the incline level but keep
the heart rate at a steady 65%. This workout involves increasing the running angle and the burning of calories. This workout is designed to cut down the excess flab from your body.