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Treadmill Walking Workouts For You

Walking is the best form of exercise, suitable for people of all age and health conditions. And in the modern times you can enjoy these benefits to the maximum at your home, simply by walking on your treadmill. Treadmill walking has been found to be the most-preferred exercise by health conscious people in a survey.

So, to gain maximum of treadmill walking, you can use following walking workouts on your home treadmill.

Health walking/Heart health walking:
This walking workout can be done daily or on alternative days for 30 to 60 minutes on your home treadmill. In this program you need to walk at a uniform pace to stimulate enough heart beat and breathing. You shouldn't walk too fast or too slow. Keep the speed as you walk normally. This walking workout reduces risks of cancer, strokes, heart disease, type II diabetes and gall stones.

Aerobic walking workouts
This workout program of walking can be done separately or between the health walk programs. It is meant for more powerful lungs and good blood vessels in the muscle areas. You will need to work for thirty minutes continuously. This will increase the stamina of your body. But before you do stretching, it is very important to warm up. Otherwise, you may catch joints pain or some other kind of problem.

Fat burning walking:
This walking is done to lose the extra kilos of fats in the tummy or mid torso. The workout includes brisk walking along with other possible forms of walking where the body movements burn most possible fats and calories. They don't need to be performed regularly. Four days a week is enough to gain the benefits. Working out on alternate days is usually recommended. Because, proper rest is also important for this treadmill walking.