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Reebok Treadmills: Value For Price

There are so many treadmills available in the market today that it sometimes becomes difficult to make an appropriate choice. Sometimes the brand is good but the features offered are not up to the mark. While at other times, a treadmill is all packed with latest, state-of-the-art features, but the brand is new.

In such a situation, it is best to consult treadmill reviews written by the customers as well as the fitness trainers. Online reviews are of great help indeed. This article will help you if you have made up your mind to buy a Reebok treadmill.

Why do people buy Reebok Treadmills? Well Reebok Treadmills are meant for Reebok loyalists. Treadmills offered by Reebok are very solid machines and are ideally made for the fast runners. They are highly priced compared to other manufacturer’s treadmills. A treadmill from Reebok will cost you any where between $1200 to $2000.


Some of the good treadmill models by Reebok are:

1. Reebok RX 6200
This treadmill features a very small motor of 1.75 horsepower with a maximum speed of 10mph. Due to this reason this can be categorized into a very exorbitant treadmill slot. It gives you a running surface of 55 by 19 inches. The treadmill comes with a maximum inclination of 10 per cent. The machine comes equipped with a basic heart rate monitor and has for you the option of folding the machine.

2. Reebok RX 7200
This machine by Reebok flaunts a motor of 2 horsepower that is equipped to give a maximum speed of 12mph. The running area measures 55 by 19 inches. The best part about this treadmill model is that its running deck flaunts adjustable cushioning to give you that extra bit of comfort. The machine comes with a folding option and also has a heart rate monitor.

3. Reebok RX 8200
The Reebok RX 8200 offers huge running surface, making it ideal for the fast runners with long legs. It comes with a motor of 2.5 horsepower that is able to give you a speed of 12mph. The measurement of the deck area is 60 by 19 inches. With an inclination of 10 per cent, this treadmill machine comes with a basic heart rate monitor.

4. Reebok RX 9200
This is the best that Reebok has offered till now. The machine comes equipped with a motor of 3 horsepower. Not only this, the deck area is ideal, 60 by 20 inches, for even the fastest runners on the planet. The heavy motor is able to provide a maximum speed of 12mph. And the maximum inclination that the machine gives is 12 per cent. Also, the machine is equipped with a heart rate monitor and is foldable.