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Which One Your Prefer- Jogging On Treadmills Or Outside?

Do you prefer to jog outdoors or indoors on the treadmill? Which of the two is more beneficial? Which one will add more to your workout?

Well, both have their pros and cons. It depends a lot on the person whether he is a regular fitness freak or an extremely busy person- who is just trying to shed those extra calories, to stay away from life threatening diseases. Dissecting the pros and cons, and delineating the characteristic features of both would give you a better insight.

The first and foremost benefit of a treadmill is- forces of nature cannot disturb your workout. That is, irrespective of where you are, you can steadily carry on with the work out. However, running outside on the rough terrains gives workout not only to your legs but all the muscles of body. Your workout is more vigorous and intense if you go out of your house. Though it may last for shorter duration as compared to a treadmill.

Secondly, while on a treadmill, you have less chances of suffering any injury to the legs, ankles or muscles, which is more of a case on a rough terrain. Also, you can manually incline the position of a treadmill and create an elevated platform which while running outside is a tough thing to do as there are very less chances of getting a terrain of your choice.

For those who live in cities, jogging becomes a troublesome thing if there is a lot of traffic. Also, there is too much pollution which can in fact worsen your condition if you are a heart patient. Another important feature of treadmill is that you always have an easy access to the washroom, for changing your gear or other such necessities. These are not possible if you go outside.

And finally, the quality of workout on a treadmill depends on the amount of variation you make. Many people are more concerned about saving time by running faster and holding on to the side rails. But, holding on to the handrails in a treadmill while running is considered harmful as it may result in an improper posture of your back and also the quality of the workout degrades. If you find it impossible to keep patience on a treadmill and cannot continue without holding the hand rails, you better go out for the jog. A little two mile jog will do good to your health as compared to a 45km per hour jog done improperly on a treadmill. The best way to enjoy the benefits on treadmill is to go slow and steady. And say no to the holding on.

All in all, the choice is yours, your requirements and devotion towards better health would decide your mode of workout.