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Treadmill From Nordic Track

Nordic Track treadmills are manufactured by the company Icon Health and Fitness, Inc. The company  is into fitness equipment in a big way. In fact, they are the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment in the world. Their list of branded equipment includes names like Weider, Reebok, Weslo and Nordic Track to name just a few.

Nordic Track treadmills are renowned for their comprehensive range of features that also provides a comfortable running surface on which one can jog, walk or  run. The price range of Nordic Track treadmills varies from about $1000 to $4000. Nordic Track treadmills help in weight loss programs and workouts and are very comfortable treadmills to run on.

The Nordic treadmills offer large sized running deck-belts with good cushioning and suitably designed display consoles. Each of the Nordic Track treadmill model is iFit compatible. The user can  download new workout programs by Internet with the help of a computer. Electronic consoles in the Nordic Track treadmills also provide preset programs and readouts.

The Reflex Deck Technology in Nordic Track treadmills absorbs and reduces the impact when a user steps down and it springs back to return to its original shape.

All Nordic Track treadmill models have heart rate monitors. These monitors are activated by gripping pulse sensors built into the handrail. Nordic Track treadmill models have programs that are pulse driven, respond to, and maintain the user's target heart rate.

Nordic Track  offers a  warranty of three years on the drive motor, two years on treadmill parts and one year on labor. The warranty duration is indicative of the quality of the Nordic Track treadmills.

There are various models of Nordic Track treadmills in the market. The Nordic Track C1900, the Nordic Track C2300 treadmill, the Nordic Track E2500 treadmill, the Nordic Track 7600R treadmill and the Nordic Track E4400 treadmill are just a few in the large range.

Nordic Track treadmills are feature packed with their cushion technology, electronic consoles and warranty features. Nordic Track treadmills provide smooth running on the treadmill and are very popular because of the comfortable running surface they provide.