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Treadmill dance

The most common form of exercise is running and walking.  These two forms of exercise are recommended by doctors and health associations. You can perform these exercises to the level that you are capable of. Running and walking help to keep your cardiovascular system in good shape. Both forms of the exercise tone up your muscles and help to control weight gain.

Walking or running on treadmills are forms of aerobic exercise. In these two forms of exercise your heart and lungs are exercised and this helps to improve their condition.

There are various ways to exercise on a treadmill and once you become expert in handling the machine well you can perform all sorts of workouts. One very popular form of exercise on a treadmill is the treadmill dance.

If you are beginner, you should not try this exercise on a treadmill. It is essential to keep your workouts simple in the beginning. Do not try the tough exercises until you have had practice working out on the treadmill. Once you become familiar with the machine and its operations, do try out the treadmill dance.

You will require an assistant in the beginning. It is advisable to do the exercise under the supervision of a trainer who can keep a track on your body movements while you do the dance.

It is an aerobic kind of dancing. You have to move  your hips and lower part of the body in rhythm like a belly dancer and jog, at the same time. You have to be very swift in moving the hips and then taking a jogging  step. It is not very easy and takes a little time to master. Don't do it yourself, without any supervision. I would like to repeat that once again for effect as you may severe complications or pain involving your  joints if you do it in wrong manner.