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Treadmill Best Recommended List

The Runner’s world magazine feels that treadmills do not undergo many changes in terms of design and features. It reviews treadmills once in every three years, unlike other sports related products that it reviews more frequently. It comes out with a list of recommended treadmills once in a three-year period. This list is dependable for the thousands of fitness enthusiasts and sportsmen who refer to it as a guide for purchasing treadmills.

The review of treadmills is carried out after testing treadmills of different brands. The testing is carried out by 15 testers of both genders of weighting from 110 to 210 pounds and between the ages of 25 to 55. The users represent skills across a wide spectrum, ranging from beginners and intermediate users to advanced users and athletes.

These testers used the 12 brands of treadmills extensively. They walked and ran on these treadmills using varying inclines and speeds. The criteria that the testers used to evaluate overall treadmill performance were, cushioning, stability, controls and display. The surprising thing is that the treadmills shortlisted for best performance were brands that were recommended in the previous test three years ago.

Let us take a look at the devices, which made the grade. The first brand is True retailing at $3795 with an overall score of 8.1. The second brand is Nordic retailing at $3500 with an overall rating of 7.6. Precor is the third brand on the list. It also retails at $3500 with an overall rating of 7.3. The fourth on the list, although slightly expensive is Cybex. It retails at $4995 with a total score of 7.1.

The Runner’s world magazine is one of the favorite guides for professional and amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts.